Since 2008, CharityTeams has assisted charities with their athletic fundraising opportunities such as the Boston Marathon, New York City Marathon and Falmouth Road Race. Hundreds of runners have had a life changing experience with CharityTeams and raised funds of ALMOST 20 million dollars for the non profits they run for. Under the guidance, motivation and support of founder Susan Hurley, and CharityTeams management, runners have been incredibly successful in completing thier athletic challenges while making great friends and become strong ambassadors for the teams they run with.
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Susan Hurley 

Owner CharityTeams LLC


Susan Hurley is the founder and owner of CharityTeams.

Realizing that small non profits needed support in valuable athletic fundraising opportunities, she created a business around that. 


Susan has the high energy, creative mind and fun approach to motivate, inspire and lead others to achieve personal goals through fitness and running while raising funds for small non profits. She has found a niche a sports related industry that benefits many lives.


CharityTeams has blazed a trail for many non profits to grow and set the bar high in the athletic fundraising industry. Her teams are some of the most desired. She is a certified RRCA professional running coach and was been a personal fitness trainer for over 20 years.

She is an expert at developing team brands and understands what it takes to keep it succeeding. Her network in the industry is extensive and she has a strong ability to work with runners of all backgrounds in running and fundraising building lasting friendships in her groups and strong ambassadors for charities.


She is formerly a New England Patriots Cheerleader and continues to dispel the words of her mother, that "You can't be a cheerleader your whole life." 

Susan's marathon personal best is 3:16 

She continues to qualify and run The Boston Marathon each year, as well as, many other races.

She has been running since she missed the bus in 2nd grade.

She has qualified and competed in the World Triathlon Championship in Hawaii.

She continues to run competitively while raising funds for various causes.

Susan completed the 1st ever 2017 Fenway Park Marathon and the 1st ever Gillette Stadium Marathon. She is a two time finisher of the  Mt. Washington Road Race in 2018 and 2019. Her next goal is the 50K at the Marine Corps Marathon on October 27th, 2019.















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